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Which Side of Hell Are You On?

June 21, 2002

Re "Hold the Fire and Brimstone," June 19:

The medieval life on Earth was hell. Life was short. Disease, injury, starvation and terror were ubiquitous. Religious precepts ruled. Faith was the order of the day.

St. Thomas Aquinas rediscovered Aristotle. In the founding of the United States, faith receded and reason blossomed. Life in America, ruled by the absolute of reality identified by reason, became long, healthy, prosperous and happy--the goal of men across the world.

Faith propagators are on the march, demanding a rejection of reason and a return to faith. Choose today: faith and hell or reason and happiness.

Ralph C. Whaley

Barron, Wis.


To hell with hell! In this country our government can make rapid decisions to spend trillions on weapons designed to kill the living, but single-payer universal health care, clean-air measures, affordable housing and food for all are too expensive. Our government drags its heels on these measures, which would save the living, and there is no national outrage. This is the area of true failure in all faith groups.

Mary Leah Plante


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