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Newborn Fawn Rescued From Blaze

June 24, 2002|From Associated Press

DURANGO, Colo. — Crews battling an unpredictable wildfire in southwestern Colorado came to the rescue of a newborn fawn they found under a burning log.

An Idaho hotshot team found the fawn Friday, and gave the soot-covered animal to resident Christie Mogel.

Mogel cared for the fawn for a few hours before giving it to the Nuepe Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, where it will be raised and eventually returned to the wild.

She believes the newborn's mother fled the fire.

"The unfortunate thing with this fire is that it hit when deer and elk are having their babies, a week or two before they are capable of leaving," said Tony Gurzick, the Division of Wildlife's area wildlife manager.

The fire burned about 62,000 acres and destroyed 45 homes in the southwestern corner of Colorado. On Sunday, emergency crews ordered about 100 more homeowners to prepare to evacuate as the fire kicked up. About 900 homes already had been evacuated.

The fire, which began June 9, was about 25% contained.

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