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Sweeping Reforms Announced

June 27, 2002|From Associated Press

Highlights of the reform proposal announced by the Palestinian Authority:


Hold presidential and parliamentary elections in January 2003.

Hold municipal elections in March 2003, the first in Palestinian territory.


Develop internal and external auditing and create a Palestinian Investment Fund to manage all investment and commercial operations under strict disclosure and auditing standards.

Deposit all income to Palestinian Authority in a single account.

Reform Finance Ministry "to serve the public good" and improve the Palestinian Authority's credibility in financial matters.

Limit the expansion of public-sector employment and place responsibility for the payroll with the Finance Ministry.

Security and the Judiciary:

Appoint new "competent" judges by September and build new courthouses, prisons and prosecutors' offices.

Restructure the Interior Ministry, bringing police and civil defense under its control so that it is in charge of all internal security matters.

Enforce discipline among the security services.

Education and Communications:

"Renounce fanaticism" in the educational curriculum.

Place government information, radio and television institutions under control of a Palestinian Authority ministry.

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