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Burbank Physician, 88, Surrenders His Medical License


A Burbank physician has surrendered his medical license to the Medical Board of California following accusations of incompetence, negligence and fraud.

By surrendering his license, Jack Eglin, 88, is barred indefinitely from practicing medicine in the state, board spokeswoman Candis Cohen said Thursday.

The action becomes effective on July 5. Eglin could not be reached for comment.

According to a complaint filed by the state attorney general's office, Eglin in 1990 placed his license on retired status, which allowed him to see patients free of charge or for reduced fees provided his annual income did not make him ineligible for Social Security benefits.

Since 1999, however, Eglin has had a family medicine practice in Burbank under the retired license, treating about 200 patients and earning about $10,000 monthly.

Also since 1999, Eglin has billed Medi-Cal about $1 million for patient services allegedly rendered by him but actually performed by a physician assistant, according to the complaint.

When asked for the name of his assistant, Eglin could only identify him as an "African guy," the complaint states.

"The medical board took this action because the doctor was billing Medi-Cal inappropriately," Deputy Atty. Gen. Sanford Feldman said. "He was not properly supervising his physician assistant and was practicing beyond the limits of his retired license status."

"We didn't allege patient harm," Feldman said. "We alleged he was grossly negligent in the way he ran his business."

Last year, 49 physicians surrendered their licenses and 39 licenses were revoked by the state medical board, Cohen said.

Eglin may petition for reinstatement in three years if he can show he has corrected his wrongdoings, she said.

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