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You Can't Spell Castillo Without 'I'

June 29, 2002

From the Associated Press: "After Tim Raines' one-out, game-ending sacrifice fly, Castillo slowly pulled off his batting helmet as his teammates swarmed Raines and Andy Fox, who scored the winning run."

As the on-deck batter, Castillo was the closest Marlin to home plate and should have been leading the charge when his teammates swarmed the field. But then again, I forgot; baseball, like all professional sports, is no longer about the team, it's about the individual. It is so bad that Raines even thought to ask his manager should he swing and try to win the game, or not swing and insure that Castillo would get another at-bat.

Luckily, for the integrity of the game, Manager Jeff Torborg told Tim to swing away.

P.J. Gendell

Beverly Hills


The Times, as well as many other media sources, referred to Luis Castillo's 35-game hitting streak as a record for a Latino player in the major leagues. I ask, why do you continue to refer to peoples' cultures and colors? Maybe if you stopped referring to individuals in the context of their race, culture and religion, we would stop doing it as well.

Jack Feeney

Mission Viejo

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