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City of Angles

Get Ready, Set ... Pitch


Despite the lack of props or staging, the effect, at least in the imagination, was almost cinematic as the actors, including Christopher McDonald and Hal Holbrook, read the script. That was the intent. This reading was intended as a chance for the project's producers to expose their movie script to potential buyers. "This is the first time I've been to a reading like this," said actor Vince Vieluf, one of the performers. "We were all sitting in the green room before the reading, and we were kind of nervous." Vieluf, best known for his film work, added with excitement, "It was this theater vibe."

For writer Nate Goodman, it was an experience more common to playwrights than to screenwriters. "I haven't heard the lines before," he said--only "in my own head."


"I decided [L.A.] was the most evil place on Earth," said "Ed" co-star Julie Bowen in the March issue of Nylon magazine. When she lived in Los Angeles, she said, "I only read the New York Times and even had bagels sent to me from New York. I mean, I don't know what they do with the old and ugly out there."


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