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3 'Deli Divas' Will Sparkle for the Oscars, Both on the Job and Partying After

March 23, 2002|Steve Harvey

Jeweler Martin Katz calls them the "deli divas" of Beverly Hills. The three waitresses at Nate 'n' Al's will model several million dollars' worth of jewelry Sunday--during and after work.

The donning of diamonds is happening because Kaye Coleman, Arlene Malmberg and Gloria Leon were photographed for Vanity Fair's "Hollywood!" issue.

"They told me they had been invited to Vanity Fair's [Oscars] party,'' related Katz, a regular at the deli. "And I said, 'Then you need to be jeweled.'"

Katz, who decks out numerous stars for the Oscars, will dress up the three women for the party. And they'll give a preview at work earlier in the day.

"I'll still get cream cheese on my uniform," Coleman said.

Asked if he expected to get better service from the wise-cracking waitresses now, Katz replied: "If I did, I'd be really disappointed."

Coleman, in her 37th year at Nate's, was asked if she feared that wearing a million dollars' worth of jewelry while waiting on tables would result in smaller tips. "No," she said, "I wouldn't allow that."

Salute to Oscars (cont.): Reaching into the Only archives, I conclude this series with these Hollywood items (see photos):

* A marquee prophesying that May won't be such a merry month (snapped by Bingham Cherrie).

* A marquee that tells a sad love story (by Peter Schartz).

* A freeway sign composed by someone who evidently wasn't familiar with the name (by Tom LaBonge).

* And, finally, because I got lost trying to get close to the heavily guarded HOLLYWOOD sign, my snapshot of another world-famous civic landmark.

Got a light? Gardena police, dispatched to a burglarized market, found a suspect nearby who matched the description given by a witness. Suspicions were increased by the suspect's possessions--$74 in cash, a 12-pack of beer and some cigarettes. Forty-three packs of cigarettes, actually.

miscelLAny: You never know when you're going to make a discovery in L.A. Flo Selfman and the Independent Writers of Southern California were visiting the L.A. Police Academy when they noticed a tiny chapel with 13 seats and two stained-glass windows.

"We spotted bags of earplugs hanging on a wall hook inside,'' she said. Why the earplugs? "The chapel,'' she added, "happens to overlook the academy's shooting range.''


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