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Truckers Overriding Big Rig Restrictions

March 29, 2002

Re "Big Rig Drivers Chafe at Life in the Slow Lane," March 26: Being a new resident of this state--only 10 years--I have never noticed that big rigs were restricted as to speed or lane of traffic. I commute 60 miles one way to work on the swing shift each day, on the I-10 or Pomona freeways. The trucks drive, for the most part, in the right-hand lanes at the prevailing speed of traffic. This speed can range from a crawl to over 70 mph. There is nothing more intimidating than traveling in the left lane and seeing, in the rearview mirror, the grille of a semitruck that appears to be in your trunk.

I have never seen a big rig pulled over by any law enforcement officer for speeding or occupying the left lanes. I must admit that I have not seen a semitruck in the carpool lane yet. If the big rig drivers are chafing under the present "restrictions," I hesitate to think how they will act if these restrictions are removed.

Armand Lange



This law is one of the worst because of the way it is enforced. Whenever I return to California on Interstate 10, the first sign that I see is "Buses, Trucks, Cars With Trailers, 55." Then I am passed by buses, trucks and cars with trailers going 70 miles per hour. Sometimes these are accompanied by California Highway Patrol cars keeping pace with them. I imagine the worst thing for truck drivers is never knowing when some cop may decide to enforce the law, and, if they are going 71 miles per hour, then they are guilty of a misdemeanor.

If a law is on the books, it should be enforced uniformly or taken off the books, but certainly not enforced at the caprice of a particular officer. This situation certainly doesn't engender respect for the law. Also, aren't the RVs pulling cars subject to this law? They don't seem to believe the law applies to them, nor do the police, as I have never seen one of them stopped.

John R. Sellars

Redondo Beach

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