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Greater Fuel Efficiency Can Be Achieved

May 27, 2002

Re "Exhaust Legislation May Hit a Red Light," May 21:

If the California Assembly caves in to the automobile industry it would be a real shame. The issue is not that the precious soccer moms would have to drive smaller cars that are less safe; the issue is that the automobile industry has the technology to increase fuel efficiency even in SUVs and trucks but is unwilling to make that investment.

Greater fuel efficiency not only reduces greenhouse gases, it reduces air pollution, which is unhealthy for all of us, and depletion of limited global resources. It also reduces our dependency on foreign oil, thus increasing our national independence and improving our very negative trade balance.

Elke Heitmeyer

Sherman Oaks


To say that "greenhouse gases ... are some of the basic building blocks of life" is like saying people need oxygen to survive. The most important greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide. Without carbon dioxide plants die. Without plants, animals and people die.

Also, presumed global warming (which some data do not support) should increase atmospheric water vapor and therefore global rain and snow. Declining snowpacks would seem an inconsistent result. The proposed bill is not only bad, it's stupid.

Niels Jensen

Santa Monica

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