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Look Past the Catch Phrases on Bond Issues

November 01, 2002

Voting on Nov. 5 should include reading the preamble for each issue instead of relying on TV prompts such as "for the children" or "clean, safe water" or "safe neighborhoods" -- which are selling phrases that may not be truthful. Where bonds are concerned, you really should read the preamble if you own one square inch of real property in California. As a competent adult, you probably already have an opinion about how money is spent for schools and roads and in other areas for which property owners are taxed. See and hear the TV spots for and against these measures, but read the preamble on each one before you spend your vote.

Tom Calabrese

Los Angeles


Would you vote for $100 billion in bonds to support our state's bloated bureaucracy? I don't think so. That's exactly why Gov. Gray Davis and other politicians never put this to a vote. Instead, they only let us vote on things everyone does want, like better schools, emergency services, clean water, more police.

Don't let them play this game. I urge you to vote against all of the bond and tax-increase measures. Force the politicians to find the money in their bloated $100-billion budget by cutting unnecessary bureaucracy and selling off state properties.

Bruce K. Bell

Thousand Oaks

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