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Line of credit

November 03, 2002

What's the big deal about script doctors, many of whom gain acclaim by changing but one or two scenes? Hello! Since the advent of talking pictures, the creative input of these individuals was properly acknowledged in screen credits as "additional dialogue by _____."

As a West Hollywood resident who lives near the Comedy Store, the Laugh Factory and the Improv, I believe I make a more significant and valuable contribution by running a hospice for terminally ill jokes.

Sid Skolnik

West Hollywood


American film studios are practicing institutionalized, unilateral censorship on writers. It's what they teach young producers in film school: "Fire the writer."

As long as this system robs writers of their moral authority and spineless writers sell out for the quick buck, Hollywood will never produce a William Shakespeare, Henrik Ibsen, George Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain or Tennessee Williams for the screen.

Pete Osterhaus

Culver City

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