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The 'Eye on L.A' team: Where did they go?

November 03, 2002

"Eye on L.A." was a breeding ground for today's popular reality-based programming.

A look at what some of its senior producers ended up doing:

Jeff Androsky produced motorcyclist Robbie Knievel's live "death jump" specials for Fox as well as that network's recent "Celebrity Daredevils," featuring stunts by the likes of Lorenzo Lamas and Angie Everhart. At "Eye on L.A.," "A lot of the time ... we would go in and ask to see the TV Guide ad," he said, then tailor the show to match it.

Mack Anderson has produced the syndicated video show "Maximum Exposure" and Comedy Central's long-running "BattleBots," which features dueling robots. "At KABC, you could get away with virtually anything, because it was the most ratings-conscious place you would ever be in your life. You got a report card every day with the ratings."

Mike Miller has worked on a wide variety of unscripted programs, from a Michael Jackson CBS special to teaming with producer Bruce Nash on NBC's "Meet My Folks," and the clip-oriented "Totally Hidden Video" and "World's Most Amazing Videos" for Fox and NBC, respectively: "I didn't go to graduate school, but this was it."

Eric Schotz produced CBS' "How'd They Do That?," "Behind Closed Doors With Joan Lunden" and the Fox series "Boot Camp," "Guinness World Records" and "Looking for Love: Bachelorettes in Alaska." "This show was about creating events. That is the one thing that I took away when you walk in and try to sell something."

Erik Nelson has produced a number of hidden-camera or "clip-umentary" shows, including "Redhanded" and "When Chefs Attack" for UPN, Fox's "Busted on the Job" and "When Good Times Go Bad," MTV's "Celebrity Undercover" and CBS' "World's Most Dangerous Animals." "The audience knew there was a P.T. Barnum aspect to it."

Don Cambou has overseen segments of History Channel's "Modern Marvels," Lifetime's "Intimate Portraits" and A&E's "Biography" and documentary "The American Revolution." "I came away with an enormous amount of confidence that I really knew how to do this stuff -- documentary, reality, whatever you want to call it."

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