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Election Season Is a Season of Discontent

November 03, 2002

Gov. Gray Davis is inept, incompetent and sometimes just plain stupid in the way he has run this state. I haven't seen one commercial on television that would attempt to explain how he plans to get us out of the mess that his managerially bankrupt leadership has gotten us into. He has spent millions trashing his opponents. That probably explains his answer to how he will proceed if reelected. He has no idea.

Bill Simon offers nothing to go by that would encourage me to vote for him. What has he done that I can put my finger on and say, "That is what we need"? Davis has spent a lot of money accusing Simon of the very faults that he himself possesses. The pot calling the kettle black. What do I do? I would rather eat a worm than vote for either of them. That said, make mine well done, please.

Clyde Hammett



Although things don't look too rosy for Simon in the governor's race, there is one thing in which he can take solace. No matter what happens Tuesday, Simon will, without a doubt, get the honor of having run the second-worst campaign in the history of elections -- ever!

Now, there are many who may take exception to this and state that Simon actually deserves the top spot. But the man who is currently No. 1 is Flavius Moronicus, who, while running for the Senate during the reign of Julius Caesar, stole a loaf of bread and then had himself executed to prove he wasn't soft on crime. That, my friends, was a bad campaign. Still, Simon should be very proud of his No. 2 ranking and know that it is truly, truly deserved.

Garry Kluger

La Crescenta


Want to see a voter turnout of over 90% here in California? Just give us the following choice for governor: None of the above.

Jack Berkus

Playa del Rey


My job requires a lot of travel, so I may be out of town on election day. This year I didn't receive my local sample ballot in the mail. This meant I had no application for an absentee ballot. A week and a half ago I phoned the L.A. County registrar of voters. They promised to mail one. Again, it never arrived. Tuesday I called yet again, going through the same long wait on hold, to be told that now I need to fax a request for an absentee ballot, which they again promised to mail. I can only hope that the third time is the charm. Something does not smell right. This isn't Florida ... or is it?

Norm Carter


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