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Two-minute Drill

November 04, 2002|Houston Mitchell

Atlanta 20, Baltimore 17: Dan Reeves calling trick plays? What's next, Ryan Leaf goes to Harvard?

New England 38, Buffalo 7: Tom Brady's performance makes Bledsoe feel as welcome as Cousin Oliver.

Philadelphia 19, Chicago 13: Bears' fans have found nickname for their quarterback: Jim "Run of the" Miller.

Detroit 9, Dallas 7: Hey Cowboys, Emmitt has the record, you don't have to play him anymore.

Tenn. 23, Indianapolis 15: Titans (4-4) share lead in AFC South, also known as AFC Collection of Patsies.

Cincinnati 38, Houston 3: Didn't the NFL award Houston a team? When does it begin play?

Pittsburgh 23, Cleveland 20: Vince McMahon already planning a Tommy Maddox-Brock Lesnar match.

Tampa Bay 38, Minnesota 24: Bud Selig's new plan to contract Vikings met with overwhelming approval.

N.Y. Jets 44, San Diego 13: That sound you hear is everyone jumping off Charger bandwagon.

St. Louis 27, Arizona 14: Kurt Warner? Never heard of him.

Washington 14, Seattle 3: My name is Matt Hasselbeck. I'm not a quarterback, but I play one on TV.

San Francisco 23, Oakland 20 (OT): Isn't it about time both teams get a chance on offense in overtime?

N.Y. Giants 24, Jacksonville 17: New Disneyland attraction: "Enchanted Tiki Barber Room."

Miami at Green Bay, tonight, 6 p.m., Ch. 7: Who's more annoying, John Madden or Tim McCarver?

Open: Carolina, Denver, Kansas City, New Orleans

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