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Ruling on Sonar

November 05, 2002

Re "For Whales' Sake, Judge Halts Sonar," Nov. 1: Perhaps we must sacrifice lumber for the owls. Perhaps we should not build homes because of the birds and plants. Maybe humans should not enjoy the desert because of rats, turtles and snakes. We even read recently that there is a fly on the endangered species list.

Now, U.S. Magistrate Elizabeth LaPorte wants to use the power of her office to hamper military preparedness because of the whales. Enough is enough. This is nothing less than using the legal system as a form of terrorism. She should be prosecuted the same as any other terrorist.

Theron Collier

La Habra


Hooray for LaPorte! She may have saved the lives of many whales.

Josh Rivetz


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