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Paint your way to inner peace

November 07, 2002|Anne Valdespino

You're working long hours holding down a killer job, and by the time the weekend rolls around you're ready to collapse. You need stress therapy. Not a shrink but a new way to express yourself that's soothing and fun. Find inner peace this Saturday in front of the canvas by enrolling in "Art and Creativity for Stress Reduction and Renewal," offered by UC Irvine Extension.

You'll be introduced to the language of color and will create abstract paintings that reflect personal feelings. You'll use professional art supplies, acrylic paints and canvases, but no previous art training is necessary.

Instructor Laurie Zagon, a fine arts professor for more than 14 years at City University of New York, has taught similar workshops at hospitals and for nonprofit organizations throughout the country.

-- Anne Valdespino


Stress out artfully

Class: Art and Creativity for Stress Reduction and Renewal

When: Saturday only, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Where: Art & Creativity for Healing, 26079 Getty Drive, Laguna Niguel

Cost: $95, including art supplies

Info: (949) 824-5414, Registration No. 00049

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