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Jail Injury of Militant Organization's Leader

November 07, 2002

Re "Jewish Radical Irv Rubin Gravely Injured in Jail," Nov. 5: I had the honor of talking to Irv Rubin on two occasions, in regard to the slave labor used during World War II by the parent builder of the WWII memorial on the National Mall in Washington, Philipp Holzmann. I hesitate to commend everything Rubin did or said, but let it be known that on a personal level Rubin was a kind and honorable man.

He was very supportive of my efforts to expose the hypocrisy of having "Hitler's builder" participate in the sacred memorial to the heroes of WWII, and I will never forget the kind words he said to me, and his determination to never let the profiteers of death forget that people of honor will "never forget."

Edward Boswell

Long Beach


So, Rubin's wife believes that someone tried to murder him when he slit his throat and took a header off a jail balcony because he "would never have violated Jewish law by taking his own life." How interesting. Doesn't Jewish law also prohibit trying to blow up people -- even people of another religion?

Kerry Odell


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