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You Leave for a While, See What You Miss?

November 09, 2002

I travel a fair amount and as a result must have missed the announcement that the Saturday Viewpoint is now devoted to the inane letter of the week. The letters last Saturday could have only been due to this new contest. For example:

1. The writer in Stevenson Ranch says that 85% of Angel fans are Dodger fans -- this must be the same reason that even the San Fernando Valley wants to leave L.A. One would think that the class the Angels possess wouldn't play well in Los Angeles.

2. Anaheim drove the Rams out of Southern California. Is this after L.A. drove them out of L.A., Georgia traded for a washed-up quarterback because he looked good in the uniform, and the letter writer didn't leave his couch for the 80-minute drive to watch them finish .500?

3. The Giant fan who "feared for his life" as he left Edison Field was probably more concerned about the 10 beers that he drank, and that finding his way to State College, then Katella, and then the freeway was way too confusing. Nice fiction from a person whose team just lost.

4. The Trojan fan living in Oregon bothered by the "sham dynasty" of Oregon and Oregon State football and feels vindicated by USC beating Oregon is confusing his bias with wins and losses. I suppose that going 11-1 as Oregon did last year is a sham when USC should have won so many more games just because it used to.

5. The Laker goons are attacking the Sacramento skilled players. Would these be the highly talented Scot Pollard, Vlade Divac and Doug Christie?

Bob Rennie

Rancho Santa Margarita

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