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What to Do With Kobe and His Friends?

November 09, 2002

Kobe's job description while Shaq is out:

1. Score 30 a game.

2. Lead the team in rebounds.

3. Lead the team in assists.

4. Guard the other team's best scorer.

5. Compensate for weak role players by getting them wide-open shots.

6. Encourage discouraged teammates at halftime by letting them know they can still win.

7. Encourage discouraged teammates after the game by telling them they were competitive.

8. Answer reporters' questions about why you're so selfish.

9. Answer reporters' questions about why you aren't selfish enough.

10. Initiate the offense and run the triangle so Fisher, Slava or George can shoot whenever they want.

11. Bail the team out when the clock is running down and nobody has been able to create their own shot.

12. Be the subject of every Web site's amateur psychologist. Does Kobe want to be the Man? Did Kobe inherit his father's selfishness? Does Kobe really want to run the triangle?

13. Smile while every wannabe brags that he could be wearing your rings if he got to play with Shaq.

14. Prepare for the next game so someone can gun for you and say, "He's not all that."

Mike Schermerhorn

North Hills


Tim Salmon has had arthroscopic surgery to remove damaged cartilage from his left knee just days after the World Series. Meanwhile, Shaq is still sitting out of Laker games because he scheduled his surgery for the end of his off-season rather than the beginning. It's obvious who has respect for his fans, his team and his profession and who does not.

Evan Puziss

Los Angeles


In last week's Viewpoint, Bill Mead wrote about the "classy legacy" left to the current Laker team by Kareem and Magic among others. Unfortunately, Mead seems to have a short memory.

Kareem punched Kent Benson, broke his own hand and missed 20 games. Magic bumped an official and received a suspension only a few weeks after harshly criticizing Nick Van Exel for bumping an official.

Laker fans will remember Fox as a hard-nosed defender and role player who was an integral part of (at least) three championship teams and who, like Magic and Kareem, made a regrettable mistake.

Greg Fuhrman

Los Angeles


Hey Colby Carr [Viewpoint, Nov. 2]:

The "marginal talents" of the Lakers have defeated the "skilled players" of Sacramento three years in a row. Do yourself a favor, take I-5 north, pick up a cowbell in Modesto, and don't stop until you hit Sacramento.

Brian Haueter


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