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Kings' Fans Not Really Happy With Anybody

November 09, 2002

This edition of the Kings' hockey team is a disgrace. Praise is constantly heaped on General Manager Dave Taylor, but the coach is stuck with five or six reasonably skilled players and a bunch of hustling unskilled individuals with no scoring ability. Right now only Ziggy Palffy can be considered skillful. During the off-season, Taylor and the Kings' management did nothing to make this team a genuine contender.

Alan Laythorpe



Re: T.J. Simers' Nov. 5 comment about King Coach Andy Murray:

Simers, do all the sports fans in L.A. a long-deserved service and take some of your own advice. Next time you go out of town, take it one step further and don't come back at all, because you can't imagine how "grueling" it can be, knowing that you will eventually return from vacation.

Richard A. Edens


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