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Does Anyone Still Think It's No Giant Rivalry?

November 09, 2002

Scott Steinhardt (the Giant fan at an Edison Field World Series game) should see how a fan wearing a Dodger cap gets treated at Pac Bell Park. Those Giant fans are mean! They don't throw just peanuts.

Madelyne Sklar

Palm Desert


In last Saturday's Letters, reader Rick Farmiloe, a self-described "heartbroken Giant fan," surmised that 85% of Angel fans are disaffected Dodger fans who merely took a short ride on the Halos' World Series bandwagon. While I am very interested to know what scientific data Mr. Farmiloe collected to arrive at his conclusion, I am even more curious as to how only a Giant fan could somehow find a way to tie L.A. fans into his team's 100% Fall Classic choke.

Brian Harris


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