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Disneyland Remains a Generous Friend

November 10, 2002

Re "Failing Magic at Disney," Sept. 29:

I am writing on behalf of the board of directors and staff of Children's Hospital of Orange County. Our experience with Disney is primarily through the Disneyland Resort, which, indeed, faces a number of challenges presented by the overall nationwide tourism slowdown.

Despite these challenges, however, Disneyland has continued to increase its involvement in the community and remains a shining example of good corporate citizenship at a time when those examples are all too rare.

Walt Disney was among the concerned citizens who formed the original CHOC Executive Council in 1959 to plan a new children's hospital for Orange County. Since CHOC's opening in 1964, Disneyland has honored its founder's commitment to children's health by remaining a loyal and generous friend to the hospital and children we serve.

In fact, Disneyland is one of CHOC's largest financial benefactors and has contributed millions of dollars in support of Orange County children's health care through the annual CHOC/Disneyland Resort Community Walk. From grand gestures, such as dedicating proceeds from opening day at Disney's California Adventure to CHOC, to personal favors, such as designing and making new CHOCO Bear costumes for our beloved mascot, Disneyland has been ready to help in any way since before any of us can remember.

This tradition of giving back to the community is Disney's true magic, and based on CHOC's experience, that magic most certainly is alive and well.

Kimberly Chavalas Cripe

President and CEO, CHOC

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