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Two-minute Drill

November 11, 2002|Houston Mitchell

Baltimore 38, Cincinnati 27: That's the last time Ed Reed will take advice from Leon Lett.

New Orleans 34, Carolina 24: Confused Panthers don't realize expansion teams should improve with age.

N.Y. Giants 27, Minnesota 20: Culpepper not concerned about being removed. Neither was Wally Pipp.

Ind. 35, Phila. 13: Yeah, potential Super Bowl champs always lose games like this during the season.

Green Bay 40, Detroit 14: On the good side, Lions outscored Packers, 7-0, in fourth quarter.

Pittsburgh 34, Atlanta 34: Is it one point for a tie and one for an overtime loss? Oh wait, that's hockey.

St. Louis 28, San Diego 24: Rams say Kurt Warner will be at next game: Jersey retirement ceremony?

Tennessee 17, Houston 10: Houston's former team beats current team. No one cares.

Seattle 27, Arizona 6: Mike Holmgren must have thought he was still coaching Packers.

Jacksonville 26, Washington 7: Spurrier's a genius in the grand tradition of Wile E. Coyote.

New England 33, Chicago 30: Patriots send another bonus check to guy who invented the VCR.

San Francisco 17, Kansas City 13: Tony Gonzalez has one catch for six yards. Basketball beckons.

N.Y. Jets 13, Miami 10: ESPN sure knows how to pick exciting games to show Sunday night.

Oakland at Denver, tonight, 6 p.m., Ch. 7: John Madden's worst nightmare: Broken telestrator.

Open: Buffalo, Cleveland, Dallas, Tampa Bay

-- Houston Mitchell

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