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Chemerinsky's Proposal to Filibuster on Judges

November 13, 2002

Re "No to a Far-Right Court: Use Filibusters," by Erwin Chemerinsky and Catherine Fisk, Commentary, Nov. 11: The Democrats have already been far more obstructionist with the Bush administration's judicial nominees than the Republicans ever were with President Clinton's, despite the fact that President Bush's nominees have been rated "well qualified" by the American Bar Assn.

Consequently, we now have a huge number of vacancies in the federal judiciary. Numerous liberal judges were successfully appointed by Clinton, and Bush should now be accorded the same privilege in appointing competent conservative judges.

Chemerinsky's proposal that the Democrats filibuster is irresponsible but typical of his extreme views.

I am one conservative who actually wishes he had been appointed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. He would have fit right in on the most left-wing (and most overruled) federal appeals court in the nation, and at least we would no longer have to listen to his voice or read his columns.

Peter Rich

Los Angeles


Chemerinsky and Fisk used the term "courageous Democrats in the Senate." Now, there's an oxymoron!

Glenn M. Langdon

Garden Grove

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