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Cupid is as Cupid does in Los Angeles

November 14, 2002

I agree that trying to meet people in Los Angeles is really difficult (Single in the City: "In matters of love, he cuts to the chase," by Maria Elena Fernandez, Nov. 7). Where is the romance and magic in this town?

It seems that most single women either have an agenda or, like you, are on a "break." You would think that with so much romance that L.A. has to offer, you would have more hopeless romantics wandering the streets in hopes of finding that person you can share crepes with at Farmers Market on a Sunday morning. I'm from New York, and it seems to me that destiny is a lot more comfortable working its magic in the Big Apple's subways than on the Third Street Promenade.

Ben Chalen

Los Angeles


After having spent significant amounts of time traveling throughout Europe, you really sum up what I feel and believe about life overseas.

Two years ago I traveled alone to Europe and spent 2 1/2 months visiting Spain, France and Italy. I just returned from staying at the homes of the friends I made two years ago. Friends who opened up their lives, homes, hearts, friends/families, and so much more to an unknown American traveler. I have learned from them that there is another way to live, not based on "money, ambition or celebrity," as you mentioned.

John Arboleda



Is The Los Angeles Times so hard up for ideas that it is willing to pay someone to re-create what aspires to be an opening monologue from the HBO series "Sex and the City"? I mean, how much more obvious could you be? Naming it "Single in the City"? For Pete's sake, the "author" even mentioned a Sarah Jessica Parker movie: "L.A. Story." The least you could have done is thrown in something at all original.

Lori C. Aronsohn

Woodland Hills


I have pondered the question of destiny in the matters of love and am convinced that we mere mortals definitely play a big part by seizing or missing opportunities. That is why the cynic in me pictures this Frenchman making a Forrest Gump-like run at least once a week. Run, Forrest run!

Saul Escobedo


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