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Not Buying '8 Mile'; Real Message Is Violence

November 14, 2002

Re "No Rap on Eminem," Nov. 11: Have we really crossed over into never-never land, where we believe that the person on the silver screen is the "real" person? Eminem is a "doll"? Everything the guy has done for years proves he is closer to a Nazi than a doll. Yet the moviegoers think the guy on the screen in "8 Mile" is the real Eminem

Eminem's music is real; it is his songwriting, his words, his thoughts. But the movie is fake. It cost $41 million to make; someone has written a part for Mathers to play. He must play it well -- the sheep are crowding through the gates. In a world full of violence, now we want the bad guys to reform, and we want to believe they were only kidding. Sorry, I'm not buying it.

Dave Petitto

Palm Springs


Eminem is anything but the cute, sweet "doll" that Jane Ann Kuster described him as. Through his lyrics Eminem has made it clear that he hates women and that he has a deep hatred for homosexuals. On the verge of war and with there being much prejudice against those of Middle Eastern descent, it is important that tolerance be promoted and that we not reward bigotry by supporting a misogynist and homophobe by seeing his film. Eminem has a right to free speech, but his right does not deny everyone in America the right to live comfortably. No matter how superb his acting may be, I will not give Eminem $8.50 (the price of a movie ticket) until he changes his attitude toward women and homosexuals. I am ashamed that so many are willing to put his acting ability above his intolerance.

Arielle Fleisher


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