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Bush's Priorities Are Far From Home

November 15, 2002

We now understand, according to the CIA's interpretation of a new audiotape, that Osama bin Laden is probably still alive ("Bin Laden 'Could Be' on Tape," Nov. 13). Well, chalk this up as another "success" by the Bush administration, which postures like a gunslinger but generally fires blanks. As Jackie Mason points out in his new Broadway comedy show, the endless and futile bombing of the Tora Bora caves in Afghanistan to get Bin Laden basically created a lot of new caves -- and the Afghans should thank us for providing them with "a lot of beautiful new apartments."

Too bad the Bushies can't seem to bring themselves to put that same manic energy into providing some housing for those in need right here at home rather than devoting themselves to the endless pursuit of snowmobiling right over the country's last pristine environments, our national parks ("Parks Proposal Alarms Activists," Nov. 13).

Kenny Feuerman

Beverly Hills


What an amazing coincidence! Bin Laden tapes turn up just in time for a vote on the homeland security agency (Nov. 13). And we accused the Soviets of propaganda.

Stephany Yablow

Sherman Oaks

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