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Cell Phones in Cars: New Hazards, New Rules

November 17, 2002

Re "Phones Blamed in More Crashes," Nov. 10:

One question that needs to be answered is why for years The Times chose not to investigate this growing and dangerous practice. Who among us can honestly say he hasn't had to deal with (avoid) these self-centered idiots who would likely have trouble driving even without a cell phone stuck in an ear?

About time!

Ron Romanosky



In your article on the relationship between the use of cell phones and car accidents, you neglected to mention an important study (reported by The Times not too long ago) that showed that the distraction responsible for the accidents is caused not so much by the act of holding the phone as by the mere fact that the driver's attention is engaged in conversation.

Therefore, hands-free phone regulation may not remedy the situation entirely, although it seems certainly a step in the right direction.

Flavio Ciferri

San Clemente

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