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Talking the Talk

November 17, 2002|Baltimore Sun

Locker room speeches cover a wide range of topics and situations. Here are a few examples of some memorable NFL speeches:

* During his brief tenure with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 1996, wide receiver Andre Rison took exception to a speech made by Coach Tom Coughlin before a game against New England. Coughlin warned the Jaguars about Dave Meggett, and said they would keep the game close until the fourth quarter, when they would win it.

When Coughlin finished, Rison reportedly stood up and said: "Forget that (expletive). We're going to kick their (expletive) in the first quarter, second quarter, third quarter and the fourth quarter. And (expletive) Dave Meggett. We can crush him like a little flea."

The players loved Rison's talk, but lost in overtime, 28-25.

* Chuck Noll rarely gave speeches as coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers and still won four Super Bowls. One of his best, though, came before a Monday night game in Oakland in 1981.

Emphasizing commitment, Noll told the players that the Spartans were so committed to victory that when they sailed to the island of Corinth to fight the Corinthians, they burned their own ships; the only way they could return was with a victory, on Corinthian ships.

The Steelers lost, 30-27, and finished the year 8-8.

* New York Giant Coach Bill Parcells kept his talk brief and to the point before the team's first Super Bowl after the 1986 season. Parcells stressed that the players were finally where they wanted to be. "You're finally here. You may never have the opportunity again," he said.

The Giants crushed the Denver Broncos, 39-20, in Super Bowl XXI.

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