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The Flower-Fed Buffaloes

From "Poems for America: 125 Poems That Celebrate the American Experience," edited by Carmela Ciuraru (Scribner: 238 pp., $25)

November 24, 2002|Vachel Lindsay

The flower-fed buffaloes of the spring

In the days of long ago,

Ranged where the locomotives sing

And the prairie flowers lie low: --

The tossing, blooming, perfumed grass

Is swept away by wheat,

Wheels and wheels and wheels spin by

In the spring that still is sweet.

But the flower-fed buffaloes of the spring

Left us, long ago.

They gore no more, they bellow no more: --

With the Blackfeet lying low,

With the Pawnee lying low,

Lying low.

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