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Consequences of a Teen's Wrong Turn

November 24, 2002

Thank you for printing the essay by Kerry Madden that exemplifies the injustices and waste of our legal system ("A Voice Inside," Nov. 3). What a shame that a teenager was sentenced to 35 years in prison for something that was circumstantial and based on the fear that underlies our society. Please continue to print essays like this so that our society will become more enlightened and possibly change.

Ruthanne Iliff

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Madden, like so many liberals, is sympathetic to Michael Duc Ta. And why not? Liberals are always showing more sympathy for evil monsters than for their victims. Poor Michael is serving time for attempted murder. He was only 16 when he drove his gang pals by for a shooting. Let him out. And remember Willie Horton. After Michael Dukakis let him out of prison, he raped a woman.

John Jaeger


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