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Crackdown on Hate or Just Demonizing People?

November 24, 2002

Re "Leaders of Hate Groups Held," Nov. 19:

Something seems fishy about the arrest of these three people.

Consider: This week in Orange County, three alleged gang members were arrested for brandishing a loaded gun at occupants of another car.

The alleged gang members apparently made their $10,000 bail.

Now, three people in Orange County have been arrested for having, among other things, "16 nails" in 1999? Oh, they also had pro-white literature. Well, there's the problem, right? Can't read what the thought police don't want you to read. The bail? $100,000.

This sounds ominously like the run-up to both Ruby Ridge and Waco, in which law enforcement authorities stretched to demonize the Weaver family and the people at Waco, who were all pretty much minding their own business but had nonconformist thoughts on society.

Dist. Att. Tony Rackauckas apparently gives away the real social-political agenda in this when he says: "This is the continuing effort by law enforcement to suck the oxygen from these groups by going after their leaders and using every legal remedy to raise the price of doing their business in our community."

Martin Millard

Costa Mesa

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