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Time to Start Thinking About Global Warming

November 26, 2002

The real news on Nov. 21 was "Global Warming to Sap the West's Water Needs, Study Finds," on the anticipated impact of global warming drastically limiting the state water supply in the coming decades. This matter, plus anticipated large population increases in the state, will be troublesome, to say the least.

Better start thinking seriously about carrying capacity of the land, true costs of gasoline and other materials -- and the major public policy issues facing us. It's not fun, but we have to start somewhere.

Steve Chase



Re "EPA Eases Pollution Guidelines," Nov. 23: Didn't George W. Bush run on a platform of increasing states' rights? How does overriding a state's wishes increase a state's rights? I guess that doesn't apply when big energy companies are involved.

Chelsea Shure

Santa Monica

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