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ILWU: Learn to Live With New Technology

October 03, 2002

Re "Stage Set for More Port Labor Strife," Sept. 29: The International Longshore and Warehouse Union fears that computers might replace some of its union brethren in the buggy-whip department, so it stages a work slowdown?

This is precisely what's wrong with organized labor today: The painters union fears its members may become more productive with wider brushes, or the construction workers union fears its members may become more efficient with heavier hammers. Sheesh.

The stevedoring companies would do well by offering these jobs outside at half the $80,000 union wage.

The only real danger here would be the risk of being trampled underfoot by the throngs of applicants.

Jim Paster

Redondo Beach


No union should be able to hold this nation by the throat.

It's one thing to support collective bargaining to sustain a group of workers who are being exploited by management.

But to hold this nation hostage so that these people can maintain cushy jobs at inflated salaries and keep the industry from using modern and more efficient technology is to deny progress and is clearly outrageous.

Bernard Lehrer


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