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Play By Play

October 03, 2002|Houston Mitchell


ANGELS: Angels 1, Yankees 0--David Eckstein flied to left. Darin Erstad grounded sharply to shortstop. Andy Pettitte got ahead of Tim Salmon, 0 and 2, then gave up a deep homer to left on a 3-and-2 pitch. There were so many "Wooooooos" in the Angel dugout, it sounded as though Ric Flair had joined the team. Pettitte then made Garret Anderson look like a Little Leaguer, striking him out on an off-speed breaking pitch. One run, one hit.

YANKEES: Angels 1, Yankees 0--Alfonso Soriano grounded to the pitcher. Derek Jeter hit a slow grounder up the middle that was fielded by Benji Gil, who had no chance to throw out Jeter at first. Kevin Appier seemed to want no part of Jason Giambi, walking him on five pitches. Bernie Williams flied to deep center, Jeter taking third. Robin Ventura grounded to first. No runs, one hit, two left.


ANGELS: Angels 3, Yankees 0--Troy Glaus flied to deep right. Scott Spiezio, perhaps still upset he didn't field Giambi's hit in Game 1, homered to left. Shawn Wooten hit a blooper that fell between Soriano and Raul Mondesi, who didn't communicate well on the play. Wooten, who appears to be on the Mo Vaughn diet, stopped at first. Bengie Molina almost took Pettitte's head off with a single to center and Wooten, amazingly, chugged all the way to third, the ground shaking with every step. Gil singled to center, Wooten scoring, Molina to second. Eckstein flied to center. Erstad popped to the catcher. Two runs, four hits, two left.

YANKEES: Angels 3, Yankees 0--Jorge Posada struck out swinging. Nick Johnson broke his bat and popped to second. By the way, Tim McCarver never stops talking. On a 1-and-2 pitch, Mondesi was hit on the left arm by a pitch. Juan Rivera grounded to second and was thrown out at first despite his dive into the bag. That never works. No runs, no hits, one left.


ANGELS: Angels 4, Yankees 0--Salmon grounded off Pettitte's glove, the ball deflecting to Jeter, who threw Salmon out at first. Anderson singled to left-center. Glaus flied to deep left, Anderson taking second when Soriano couldn't hold on to the throw. Spiezio singled to center, Anderson scoring. Wooten singled to right, Spiezio stopping at second. Molina grounded to short. One run, three hits, two left.

YANKEES: Angels 4, Yankees 1--Soriano struck out swinging. At this point, the Fox telecast kept showing a little kid in the stands. Must be their tribute to Vin Scully. Appier hung a curve and Jeter homered to left. Giambi lined to first. Williams grounded to second. One run, one hit.


ANGELS: Angels 4, Yankees 1--Orlando Hernandez pitching. Gil hit a liner off Hernandez's right arm and was thrown out by Jeter. Eckstein grounded to short. Erstad batting, which gave McCarver another chance to remind us that he was a punter at Nebraska. Hey Tim, we don't need to be told that every time he bats. Erstad grounded to short. No runs, no hits.

YANKEES: Angels 4, Yankees 3--Ventura hit a blooper that landed between Erstad and Eckstein, who slid into each other like two synchronized swimmers. Posada flied to right. After fouling off several full-count pitches, Johnson walked. Mondesi popped to first. Rivera hit a blooper to center that just eluded a diving Erstad, Ventura and Johnson scoring. Soriano grounded to short. Two runs, two hits, one left.


ANGELS: Angels 4, Yankees 3--Salmon struck out swinging. Anderson flied to center. Glaus took a pitch right down the middle for strike three. No runs, no hits.

YANKEES: Angels 4, Yankees 3--Jeter singled to center. Giambi walked and it looked as if Appier was about finished. Pitching coach Bud Black came out to talk to Appier. Williams flied to center, Jeter beating the throw to third. Robin Ventura at the plate (please, Mike Scioscia, don't bring in Schoeneweis). Ventura struck out swinging. Will someone please put tape on Molina's fingers so he won't have to visit the mound anymore? This inning is taking forever. Spiezio snatched Posada's line drive. No runs, one hit, two left.


ANGELS: Angels 4, Yankees 3--Spiezio popped to shallow left. Wooten struck out. It looks as if the Yankees should have started Hernandez, not Pettitte. Molina flied to center. No runs, no hits.

YANKEES: Yankees 5, Angels 4--Francisco Rodriguez pitching. Johnson struck out on a curveball that bounced about eight feet in front of the plate. Mondesi singled to left-center. Rivera grounded to short, but in his attempt to turn two, Gil threw the ball past Spiezio at first, Rivera taking second on the error. On an 0-and-2 pitch, Soriano homered to left. Jeter flied to right. Two runs, two hits.


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