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Make an Informed Choice for Governor

October 05, 2002

Re "Davis Builds Big Lead in Race," Oct. 1: A novel idea: Instead of trying to pick the "better of two poor choices," why not get out of that rut and vote for someone who might actually do something good for all the citizens of our state?

Libertarian candidate Gary David Copeland would be a great place to start. Instead of listening to self-serving political hacks from the dominant parties, read your California Voter Information Guide and do what the Republicans and Democrats fear most--make an informed choice.

Don't let them hoodwink you by claiming that you are "throwing away your vote" if it isn't a vote for one of them. No vote is thrown away (unless you live in Florida), and if enough of us don't vote Republican or Democrat, then we won't have either of these sorry bums messing with us for another four years.

Frank Wissler

Newbury Park


The National Rifle Assn.'s ringing endorsement of Bill Simon (Oct. 1) is the best reason I have heard for voting for Gov. Gray Davis.

Forrest G. Wood



With the Democrats in New Jersey changing their candidate for senator, is it too late for California Republicans to change theirs for governor? Somebody please call Richard Riordan!

R.J. Robinson



Score one for Gov. Davis for refusing to support driver's licenses for illegal aliens (Oct. 1). But no cigar and no vote from me. His approval of paid family leave made it clearer than ever that Davis does not belong in the governor's mansion.

I simply cannot understand why there should be a debate about granting driver's licenses to illegal aliens. Unless an illegal is a suspected terrorist or is suspected of a serious felony or misdemeanor, he should be deported within 24 hours of verification of his status.

Sidney Hatchl

Santa Ana


After reading Tony Quinn's Sept. 29 Opinion piece, "In California, Politicians Choose--and Voters Lose," I have come to realize I live in a safely gerrymandered district in a safely Democratic state. But as a political moderate, I see a dilemma. Either I join the left-leaning party with all the real power or the vestigial and practically irrelevant right. Either way, my views are unwelcome.

There is only one way out. Everyone should become a registered Democrat. That would eliminate the sham and cost of the general election and give the banished middle a real voice. A one-party state sounds scary, but isn't that what we have now?

Larry Walker

Woodland Hills

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