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North County Deceived on El Toro Great Park

October 06, 2002

Re "Davis' 1-2 Punch Helps O.C.," Sept. 29:

The Times editorializes, "Let's hope that remaining holdouts get the message that the war over El Toro is over." This message is particularly true for the cities of North County that joined the Orange County Regional Airport Authority.

Prodded by Newport Beach, which has legitimate concerns about John Wayne Airport in its backyard, other city councils put their time, money and effort into the failed fight for El Toro. They sued the county to try to overturn Measure W by litigation and lost. As losers in the lawsuit, they could be liable for the initiative proponents' legal bills if the Airport Working Group of Newport Beach won't cover the costs.

It's time to realize that North County residents opposed a county park at El Toro not because they want another airport, but primarily because they were deceived by the Airport Working Group that a park would result in a "great tax."

Irvine and the Navy have worked out a plan whereby the park will be funded by private development. There will be no tax. It is time these cities stop doing the Airport Working Group's bidding, to quit the regional airport authority and put their energies back into city business.

Tell your city council it's time to let go of El Toro and move on.

Leonard Kranser

Dana Point

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