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Mayors' Baseball Wager Can't Be Topped


Forget the hot dogs and the bagels, the chiles and the oranges. That's way too easy. Anaheim Mayor Tom Daly and Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak have upped the ante on friendly wagers.

Depending on the outcome of the American League Championship Series between the Angels and the Minnesota Twins, which starts today, one mayor will have to toss his dignity out the window.

"Because we beat the Yankees so soundly, I told [Rybak] I thought the Angels should be favored over the Twins. He didn't disagree," Daly said. "I think he'd look pretty cute in Mickey Mouse ears."

Rybak is equally certain Daly will be wearing a Twins jersey and a hunting cap a la Elmer Fudd. (Incidentally, the headwear must be worn for one entire day--even to important city meetings.)

"When the Twins win, he will not only wear a Twins jersey, but a 'Fargo'-styled hat with the ear flaps," Rybak said. "I could even have him up the stakes because I am so confident the Twins are going to win."

The two mayors on Monday took to Minneapolis airwaves on WCCO-AM radio to make their friendly wager official.

They agreed on the usual gift baskets: chiles and oranges from Anaheim; beer, tea and Pillsbury flour from Minneapolis. But both agreed they should make things a little more interesting.

Rybak complained that his bet with Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown was "pretty lame." Brown now owes him a gondola ride though Rybak said he doesn't plan to cash in.

Meanwhile, Anaheim awaits its shipment of hot dogs and bagels from New York City.

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