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Prevent the Causes of Illegal Immigration

October 08, 2002

Sonia Nazario's "Enrique's Journey" series (Sept. 29-Oct. 7) needs to be published in book form so it can have an even greater impact. The sad truth is that it would take less money to improve living conditions in Honduras and other poor countries than it does to deal with illegal immigrants.

At the personal level, an individual, church group or school could easily enter into a sister-school relationship to keep a school going in a poor village: $600 will operate an entire school for a year; $2 per month will pay the parents' share of expenses so that another child can attend school.

If more of us would visit these areas we would have a greater idea of how hard these people work and how much they sacrifice to help each other. Give up your trip to Europe and go to Central America, where you can stay in a village hotel for $2 and have a restaurant dinner for a dollar. It will open your eyes.

Carl Boyer

Santa Clarita


I cannot believe the lack of compassion shown by some of your readers regarding "Enrique's Journey." One Oct. 4 letter reads, "Sympathy for illegal immigrant criminals is something we do not need." Where is this person's humanity, his basic decency?

This is the story of a child enduring the unthinkable, trying to join his mother. Imagine the level of poverty and desperation that would drive a child to attempt this journey.

Karen Dauphin

Agoura Hills

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