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Enrique's Journey

October 11, 2002

Re Enrique's journey from Honduras (Sept. 29-Oct. 7): Gut-wrenching poverty, starvation and cruel exploitation brought Enrique and his mother before him to this country. Many who worry they will be deprived of their abundance feel we shouldn't have to share this great country with starving foreigners.

This is the same way the Indians felt when the starving Europeans landed in North America and asked, then demanded that the Indians share their corn, squash and beans with them. It's the same old story of the comfortable not wanting to be disturbed by those less fortunate. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Robert Chavez

Granada Hills


Regarding Enrique: Perhaps some of us will realize how fortunate we are here in this country, how much these less-fortunate persons risk in trying to reach family here, and perhaps in the process, appreciate more about what we have in our country and take less for granted.

Ronaldo Fritz

Rancho Santa Fe

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