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La Russa and Baker Are Fined


ST. LOUIS — Managers Tony La Russa of the St. Louis Cardinals and Dusty Baker of the San Francisco Giants were each fined by the commissioner's office Thursday for their part in Wednesday's near brawl during Game 1 of the National League championship series.

"We felt like the two managers did not exhibit control over themselves or their ballclubs," said Bob Watson, the baseball official in charge of discipline. "You had two managers pushing over the umps to get at each other. That's not what managers should do in that situation."

The undisclosed fine is thought to be between $500 and $1,000.

"I think Lofton should pay the fines for both Dusty and myself," said La Russa.

Kenny Lofton, the Giants' center fielder, hit a home run off Cardinal starter Matt Morris in the third inning, then took exception to an inside pitch thrown by Cardinal right-hander Mike Crudale in the fifth.

Lofton yelled at Crudale, then turned his anger on Mike Matheny when the St. Louis catcher became involved in the heated discussion. Both dugouts quickly emptied.

Watson also announced Thursday that all non-active players, permitted in the dugout for Game 1, would not be allowed to be in uniform for Game 2.

"I think the decision [is proper]," La Russa said. "They were told they could not participate.

"Everybody broke the rules. They went out there, they did something wrong and they got punished."


Although he kept saying the incident was history, La Russa couldn't seem to help himself as he kept criticizing Lofton Thursday.

"He's one of those guys that makes a big to-do about the ball inside," La Russa said.

"You can check my record. I bet you rarely ever hear me talk about the opponents' players. Never. Hardly ever.

"I concentrate on the team that I'm with, but this was pretty flagrant."


When the two teams faced off Wednesday, one of the Cardinals on the front line was third baseman Scott Rolen, who may not even play in this series because of a sprained left shoulder.

Asked what he thought about his injured player taking a fighting stance, La Russa admitted he hadn't realized Rolen had been out there.

Then the St. Louis manager rolled his eyes at the mere thought of it.

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