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What are you watching?

October 13, 2002|Dana Calvo

BO DIDDLEY, Bluesman

"I like cowboy movies and comedies and mysteries. I watch Andy Griffith's 'Matlock.' I watch news all the time. I just wrote a new song, 'Push Bush.' It says:

Saddam Hussein, Saddam Hussein

Pick up your phone

Maybe if you answer, we'll leave you alone

But if you don't answer when it ring

you'll make us do our thing."



Singer, former "Hardy Boys" star, current executive producer of CBS' "The Agency"

"My favorite show is 'The Simpsons.' The writing is the smartest. It plays on every level. The smart-stupid marriage is perfect. I love the episode when Lisa becomes a vegetarian and when Paul McCartney was a guest star. I identify most with Krusty the Clown. I also watch '60 Minutes.' "

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