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Guest quest

On the list? Even so, it's a wait for the premiere party for 'The Rules of Attraction.'

October 13, 2002|Gina Piccalo | Times Staff Writer

BY 10 o'clock, the line outside the Hollywood club Nacional snaked around the block and security guards grew hoarse screaming at the crowd. "We're not going to let anyone in unless you step back!" shouted Laura Sosin of Lions Gate Films, holding a thick guest list. Security guards chimed in behind her: "Back up! Back up!"

The after-party celebrating the Oct. 3 premiere of Lions Gate Films' new picture, "The Rules of Attraction," was the evening's hot ticket.

"Let them in! Let them in!" shouted Sosin as actor James Van Der Beek and his entourage of about 12 exited a limo. Behind him, actress Jessica Biel slinked by. Actors Heath Ledger and Kip Pardue were right behind her, accompanied by about 20 people, including actress Brittany Murphy, a tiny young woman wearing the platinum 'do and glittering sheath of 1930s screen sirens. Actor Joel Michaely shouted into a cell phone: "Bring the limo to the front and we'll pull you out!"

Inside, people stood elbow-to-elbow, precariously balancing martini glasses and shouting above the DJ's music. Murphy was immediately surrounded by photographers, who closed in as she obliged them by striking several provocative poses. Nearby, actress Kate Bosworth chatted with a friend. A ponytailed Val Kilmer reluctantly ended up in a few shots, then made a quick getaway.

Around 11 p.m., "Rules" director Roger Avary stood near the door, torn between leaving to find his mother and waiting to see if she could get into the party on her own.

"If I leave they won't let me back in will they?" he asked a publicist.

"That's a valid concern," she answered.

He chuckled and said: "It's like 'Day of the Locusts.' "

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