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Looking for a Real Grinch

October 13, 2002|Cara Mia DiMassa | Times Staff Writer

From the set of a movie,

"The Cat in the Hat,"

Some props have been stolen

From the place where they sat.


Was it a thief?

Was it a prank?

Police have to say,

They are drawing a blank.


Pomona, California

Is the scene of the crime--

On Second and Garvey,

Early Friday the time.


More than $50,000

The value of props

Custom-made for the film,

Said Pomona cops.


So there's no joy in Seussville,

Or even L.A.

The oversized pieces

Have all gone away:


A golf ball, an anvil,

Some glasses, a key.

Each of them as big

As a decent-sized tree.


However it happened,

The goods, they did fly.

From a fenced-off area,

Security nearby.


The props sure were heavy,

But the thieves left no trace.

The cops have no leads,

No way to give chase.


They hope that the props

Will show up at some college,

Or that maybe they'll get

A tip or some knowledge.


The golf ball might show up

On its 4-foot tee

In front of a house,

But there's no guarantee.


So the police have issued

A hopeful plea:

Will whoever borrowed it

Please return the key.


Dr. Seuss did not contribute to this story.

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