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Give Graffiti Space for Creative Expression

October 13, 2002

Re "Bratton Lays Out Ambitious Set of Goals for LAPD," Oct. 4:

William J. Bratton said graffiti falls under "quality of life." I agree. Those creating graffiti usually do not have a quality of life. Most of them were denied middle-class opportunities for success.

Here is where I challenge Bratton. Graffiti marks an individual's expression of thoughts. Why not turn it into an art fair?

Provide portable blank canvases throughout the city. Establish a display area for public viewing of finished canvases. Judge the graffiti and create art scholarships.

I have seen remarkable art disguised as graffiti. Use innovative ideas for success instead of arrests. Keep replacing the canvases with blank ones and expect to be surprised by the results.

After all, hanging upside-down above freeway overpasses has it limits.

Vivian Moen

Fountain Valley

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