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Vina Was at a Loss in First

October 13, 2002|Steve Springer

SAN FRANCISCO — St. Louis Cardinal second baseman Fernando Vina didn't know what to say about the first inning of Game 3 Saturday.

With two out and two on, Benito Santiago hit a routine ground ball to Cardinal shortstop Edgar Renteria. Vina thought Renteria was going to first, but Renteria, having already begun his motion, threw to Vina anyway, even though the second baseman was a good seven feet from the bag. Vina whipped the ball to first, but it was too late to get Santiago.

"I thought he was going to first," Vina said. "But regardless, I should have been at second."

Reggie Sanders then hit a fly ball to center. Vina roamed far out of his area, leaped and missed, but center fielder Jim Edmonds made the catch to end the inning.

"No damage," said a grateful Vina.


Five-year-old Kannon Kile, one of Darryl Kile's sons, took part in the pregame introductions, then sat in the Cardinal dugout. The St. Louis right-hander died of a heart attack in June.

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