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Bottling that lust for life

October 14, 2002|Oscar Garza

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera were wildly indulgent bohemians. At the center of the cultural scene in post-revolution Mexico, their soirees were feasts of native food and drink.

According to all accounts, Kahlo could put away the booze, as depicted in the coming feature film "Frida."

In once scene, Kahlo ends a macho drinking match between Rivera and a rival by guzzling a nearly full bottle of tequila.

Surely the reception following tonight's premiere of "Frida" at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art would be inspired by Frida and Diego's appetites. Miramax, the studio behind the film, can throw a fine fiesta.

So an invitation arrives, revealing that the event's sponsors include ... Coors Light! What, no Patron tequila? Not even, Bohemia cerveza?

Surely, Frida wouldn't approve of an American beer being served at a party thrown in honor of her biopic. Consider it another adventure in what she referred to as "Gringolandia."


Oscar Garza

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