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Play By Play

October 14, 2002|Houston Mitchell


TWINS: Twins 1, Angels 0--Jacque Jones lined to right on a 2-and-0 pitch, Tim Salmon making a nice sliding catch. Someone should explain to Jones that leadoff hitters should work the count better than he has in this series. Cristian Guzman flied to center. Corey Koskie walked. Koskie took second on a wild pitch. David Ortiz doubled to right, Koskie scoring. Ortiz stood at home plate and watched the ball instead of running. You'd think he'd want to run as much as he can to drop some of that weight. Torii Hunter popped to first. One run, one hit, one left.

ANGELS: Twins 1, Angels 0--David Eckstein was thrown out by Koskie trying to beat out a bunt. He slipped coming out of the batter's box or he would have been safe. Darin Erstad beat out a slow bouncer to second. Salmon singled to left, Erstad to second. Garret Anderson forced Salmon, Erstad to third. Troy Glaus flied to center. No runs, two hits, two left.


TWINS: Twins 2, Angels 0--Doug Mientkiewicz flied to left. Dustan Mohr doubled to left center. A.J. Pierzynski singled to shallow left, but Mohr took advantage of Anderson's poor throwing arm and scored. Pierzynski was thrown out trying to advance to second, then pumped his fist because he knocked in the run. I guess if you only had two hits the whole series, you'd be excited too. Oh, and if Pierzynski were a smart baserunner, he'd still be at first. But go ahead and pump your fist anyway. A.J. Luis Rivas struck out looking. One run, two hits, none left.

ANGELS: Twins 2, Angels 0--Brad Fullmer grounded to second. Scott Spiezio grounded to short. Bengie Molina grounded to short. No runs, no hits.


TWINS: Twins 2, Angels 0--Jones batting. Thom Brennaman keeps referring to USC as "Southern Cal, " which is the best way to show everyone that you've never been anywhere near USC. Jones, who went to USC, flied to right. Guzman flied to center. Koskie flied to center. No runs, no hits.

ANGELS: Twins 2, Angels 1--Adam Kennedy homered to right. The Angels have hit 14 homers in the playoffs, 12 with the bases empty. Eckstein grounded to second. Rivas bobbled the ball but still had time to throw him out. Erstad grounded to short. Salmon popped to short. He is hitless in the series. One run, one hit.


TWINS: Twins 2, Angels 1--Brennaman let us know that Curt Schilling is 21-1 against NL West opponents. That would be interesting if this were the NLCS and if Arizona were still in the playoffs. Ortiz flied to center. Hunter hit a drive to left center that Erstad ran down. Mientkiewicz grounded to short. No runs, no hits.

ANGELS: Twins 2, Angels 1--Anderson singled to right. Glaus swung at the first pitch and popped to the catcher. Fullmer grounded into a 4-6-3 double play. No runs, one hit, none left.


TWINS: Twins 2, Angels 1--Mohr flied to deep center. Pierzynski singled to center. Rivas grounded into a 6-4-3 double play. No runs, one hit, none left.

ANGELS: Angels 3, Twins 2--Spiezio homered to right. Molina grounded to third. Molina's so slow, Koskie could have run the ball all the way to first and still beat him by two steps. Kennedy homered to right. Take that, Homer Hanky. Eckstein grounded to second. Erstad grounded to short. Two runs, two hits.


TWINS: Angels 3, Twins 2--Jones beat out a high chopper to the pitcher. Guzman sacrificed. Brendan Donnelly pitching. Koskie struck out swinging. Jones took third on a wild pitch. Ortiz swung at ball four and struck out. No runs, one hit, one left.

ANGELS: Angels 3, Twins 2--Salmon singled to left. Anderson singled to right center, Salmon to third. Time for a Fox Instapoll: "If Steve Lyons and Tim McCarver were put in a booth together, how long before all the oxygen would be sucked out of the room by their constant yammering?" Glaus hit a ground ball to third. Salmon was caught in a rundown between third and home and was tagged out. Runners on first and second. Poor baserunning by Salmon. Johan Santana pitching. The kid in the monkey suit is back. Maybe he's Peter Mayhew's son. Shawn Wooten, batting for Fullmer, struck out into a double play. The runners were going on the 3-and-2 pitch and Anderson was easily thrown out at third. No runs, two hits, one left.


TWINS: Twins 5, Angels 3--Hunter flied to right. Mientkiewicz singled to center. Mohr singled to left center, Mientkiewicz to second. Pierzynski singled to right, loading the bases. Francisco Rodriguez pitching. Bobby Kielty, batting for Rivas, walked, scoring Mientkiewicz. The runners moved up a base on a wild pitch, Mohr scoring. Jones flied to center, Pierzynski scoring. Someone should show Molina how to block a plate. Mike Scioscia perhaps? Guzman grounded to second. Three runs, three hits, one left.

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