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Assessing Carter's Work and the Nobel Peace Prize

October 16, 2002

Re "Former President Carter Wins Nobel Peace Prize," Oct. 12: How wonderful that former President Jimmy Carter has been honored with the Nobel Peace Prize for his untiring work internationally to create peace through negotiations, mediation and the Carter Center -- not to mention his work with Habitat for Humanity.

And he is recognized worldwide for his consistent belief that foreign policy must be grounded in human rights. Not just rhetoric, but a passion for justice.

Carter received the award at the same time that President Bush received congressional approval to go to war against Iraq.

Interesting timing, interesting contrast: making peace and making war.

Is there a prize for war-makers?

Lenore Navarro


Los Angeles


It's a shame that Carter won a prize that was once held in high regard. He deserves better, but since Yasser Arafat won it, it has diminished in stature and respect.

The Nobel Prize committee should rescind Arafat's award and restore the peace prize to the standards and honor it enjoyed in the past.

Gerald Marantz



I've never been enamored of the Carters, but Rosalyn deserves the Nobel Peace Prize just as much as Jimmy does.

Gilbert S. Bahn



The credibility of the Nobel organization must now be held in question as a result of its decision to honor Carter. Carter's failed presidency does not deserve the recognition it bestows on him.

His administration's dark period in America's foreign policy overshadows any lasting accomplishments that Carter may have produced. Let's not forget Carter's policy of neglect in Iran, allowing Americans to be kidnapped and held hostage for months. How about the Carter administration's wrongheaded policy of saddling up with the brutal dictator Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, betraying every fundamental principle of American democracy?

Certainly Carter has had some laudable accomplishments since his departure from government and, for those, I thank him. Unfortunately, none of them warrant the peace prize.

Jeffrey Miles



On the day after the U.S. Congress gave President Bush the green light to wage the war on Iraq that he has dedicated his presidency to, it was refreshing to hear that Carter has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The committee in Oslo also sent a message to Bush that it is not pleased with his constant beating of the war drums. It pointed out that negotiation through the U.N. is the honorable approach to all world problems.

The award points out the numerous times that Carter employed negotiations successfully in many areas of the world.

Carter is not only a true man of peace, he is a humanitarian beyond comparison with any who have occupied the Oval Office. Thank God for Jimmy Carter and thanks to Oslo for its recognition.

Phil Wilt

Van Nuys


The chairman of the Nobel committee gets this year's award for hypocrisy. In announcing the decision to give Carter the award, he stated it was a deliberate slap at Bush. I wonder if the chairman comprehends the irony of intentionally creating controversy over a peace prize.

Bonnie O'Neil

Newport Beach

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