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More Information on Judges Needed

October 16, 2002

There are 19 candidates for judicial offices on my sample ballot. Only one of them has provided any voter information in the sample ballot. I looked on the Web and found a little information, but it was not enough to enable me to distinguish one candidate from the others. Judges are important.

Where can voters find the kind of information they need, such as a record of the kinds of decisions they have made, for those who are already judges, or which groups support them, for those who are not? In the absence of such information, voters are reduced to falling back on the tiny bit of information that is provided, such as gender and ethnicity as it can be deduced from surnames. This is not a good basis for making important decisions.

Janet Maker

Los Angeles


I received my absentee ballot. I am now in the process of voting. My ballot has 19 votes for judicial candidates for which there was only one candidate. The ballot said: "Vote yes or no for each office." For the 19 judicial candidates I will vote no. I do not like the one-candidate system.

Bill Denneen


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